Social Media and its Vows with Language Learning

English is the most spoken language worldwide. The people who engage with social media are quite literally creating new words as well as giving new meanings to already existing words. You might be aware that other people tend to share just the everyday stories of their lives, rarely the low points that everyone experiences. The idea that you’re missing out on certain things can impact your overall self-esteem, trigger anxiety, and even fuel greater social media use. Everyone is different and there is no specific amount of time spent on social media, or the frequency you check for updates, or the number of posts you make that indicates your use is becoming unhealthy. Language is an evolving thing. It’s naive to think that the language of social media isn’t having an effect on the way we use English in day-to-day life. It’s more appropriate to consider just how much of an effect it’s having on the way we communicate. What social media has done is enable us to communicate with a much larger number of people on a global scale in a way that we only really used to be able to do on a local level. This is great when it means we’re keeping friendships alive over great distances, but it’s also increasing the demands placed on an individual to keep a much larger number of relationships going simultaneously. Social media is a potent tool that has effects on the social life of the user, impacts the way of life, and grooms the mentality of an individual. Social media brings significant changes in the way individuals communicate with their friends and families.

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I’m very proud to be called as the student of this Academy. You encouraged me a lot. Your tips and teaching techniques were very helpful during my OET examinations. I passed OET and got these scores only with your help and strong support. I have no words to express my sincere thanks to you. Thank you Sofia Mam..

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