A good fluency always arrives with great Self-Confidence

English is usually taught or studied as the first foreign language for the practical use of everyday communication. Speaking skill is an important part of the language learning curriculum. Speaking skill is also an important assessment object. Anyone who wants to improve his/her speaking skill must have self-awareness, self-motivation, and positive behaviour patterns, and must make efforts to avoid communication errors. Speaking skill is one’s important skill to improve English proficiency from the very beginning of language learning. Speaking is one of the most important language skills. This skill can be developed and enhanced as an effective means of communication.

Speaking skill is very important for students in communicating effectively through spoken language. The inability of students in speaking a foreign language can cause them difficulties in expressing their ideas even in simple conversations. One of the main objectives of a language learning program is to develop speaking skill and integrate spoken and written language. Language learning means using language in both spoken and written communication, and being able to express feelings, thoughts, and experiences in various contexts. It is very critical to possess self-belief to be able to accomplish the work will be a factor that determines their success in language learning. If you firstly believe that you can do the tasks, the self-confidence will appear to motivate you in achieving and finishing the tasks.

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I’m very proud to be called as the student of this Academy. You encouraged me a lot. Your tips and teaching techniques were very helpful during my OET examinations. I passed OET and got these scores only with your help and strong support. I have no words to express my sincere thanks to you. Thank you Sofia Mam..

Steffy Francis

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