O.E.TOccupational English Test

OET is a healthcare based gateway exam which stands for “OCCUPATIONAL ENGLISH TEST” that demands students to have a good command over their language required to work abroad in any healthcare setting. This exam tests your abilities of clinical listening, clinical reading, clinical writing & clinical speaking.

OET is accepted as proof of English proficiency in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia and Singapore for registration in 12 healthcare professions.

OET is owned by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA). It is a venture between Cambridge English and Box Hill Institute.

With the growing need of effective clinical communication and fluency of language in every healthcare setting, many healthcare professionals are still just dreaming of working abroad. As OET is the gateway to your dreams, FLUENCY FAST provides you with unlimited training program of 2 months (60 Hour Package) if you are a beginner & 1 month (30 Hour Package) according to your requirements. We provide you with unlimited training sessions in all the 4 modules of OET- CLINICAL LISTENING, CLINICAL READING, CLINICAL WRITING & CLINICAL SPEAKING (Including warm up questions).

Fluency Fast Academy helps you with providing right learning approach and teaches you to success in the examinations.

I’m very proud to be called as the student of this Academy. You encouraged me a lot. Your tips and teaching techniques were very helpful during my OET examinations. I passed OET and got these scores only with your help and strong support. I have no words to express my sincere thanks to you. Thank you Sofia Mam..

Steffy Francis

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